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Who are BIB?


Bhangra in Birmingham Statement of objectives:

What is bhangra ?

What is BIB and why has it been set up ?

The bhangra movement has moved on from a traditional form of music to one where its artists are performing and selling records all over the globe.

Despite this, the industry remains fragmented and isolated from the mainstream. There is little provision in terms of education and career progression and artists lack knowledge in terms of self promotion and management.
Artists have little understanding of contracts and income distribution both digital and non digital.

Understanding of publishing is also limited.

Bhangra bands and artists get little promotion at major festivals and there is little co-ordination and representation on a national level.

The bhangra industry is fragmented and has little representation at major exhibitions such as Midem and Womex. It has remained as a cottage industry and has always dealt with issues internally.

There is little collaboration between bhangra and other genres and there has been little connection between organisations that fund performers unlike other asian organisations that support asian artists.

There is no central point for promoters or educationalists to obtain information regarding the industry and its incumbents.

BIB has been set up to address the above issues. The board consists of 2 Directors, both of whom are experienced practitioners with knowledge of content, publishing and management.

Birmingham is now the centre of bhangra where the best of studios, record companies, artists, management companies reside.
The Bhangra industry has been fragmented from a commercial perspective – BIB as an organisation will seek to bring all the professional service providers under one umbrella.  

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Services offered by BIB ltd.

  • Booking agency for promoters to book the best bhangra artists. These artists can be the best bands on the live circuit and the best dance troupes.
  • An information hub which can assist those looking for information on the bhangra industry. This hub will furnish you with information on all the artists in the industry and the current trends in the industry.
  • Can act as an advice and signposting centre for both new and existing bhangra artists with relation to
  • legal advice
  • accountancy and general business advice
  • live music contracts
  • recording studios
  • media companies/pr
  • promotions/radio/web strategies
  • dance studios/organisations
  • video and CD duplication for artists looking to distribute their own products
  • design and web companies
  • career development
  • record companies
  • Distribution strategies both traditional and non traditional
  • Advice on attending exhibitions such as Womex and Midem.

How to get involved:

  • As the only agency involved in the bhangra genre we would welcome collaboration with similar organisations who would like to partner on projects such as live concerts and seminars with an educational/informational element.
  • We have expert speakers who can deliver presentations on the progress of bhangra from a traditional format to a world class genre.
  • Partnering organisations that wish to fuse music with other genres
  • festival organisers
  • promoters
  • educational establishments
  • venues/programmers
  • world class labels seeking licensing opportunities

Current partners include:

  • Musicians Union
  • Gigbeth
  • Digital central
  • Arts Council
  • Sampad
  • Birmingham Chamber of Commerce
  • TIC

Whilst the bhangra movement is the fastest growing music genre, the music genre is far removed from the mainstream market in terms of exposure for both the genre and its artists.

Despite the huge size of the music market, anecdotal research showed that the market potential was untapped and not fulfilled.

Agencies that were seeking information regarding the bhangra industry were unable to find a source who could be an interface between them and the industry. Surprisingly, since bhangra is mainly Birmingham centric, the majority of its indigenous population has never witnessed a bhangra concert or indeed since a bhangra performance.

It was with this in mind, that BIB in partnership with Birmingham City Council hosted the first Bhangra fest in September 06.

BIB ltd has ambitious objectives and hopes to achieve the
following in the next 5 years:

  • Promote the art and music form globally both within asian and non asian audiences.
  • Offer expertise for new artists in the industry.
  • promoting the art of bhangra to a diverse audiene globally
  • Offer training and workshops to facilitate the development of new artists.
  • Act as a conduit for agencies wishing to engage with the bhangra industry. To enable this, BIB ltd will aim to build an infrastructure to facilitate this.
  • Build an environment where collaborations can be facilitated between different genres.
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